Raising Growth Capital

Sourcing the right growth capital

Raising Growth Capital

Venture Capital (VC)

Private equity provided by firms to emerging businesses that have high growth potential.  Equity investment can be made at an early stage.

Family Offices/High Net Worth Individuals

Focused on preserving and growing private wealth, these investors look at a broad range of opportunities including investments that could provide exceptional returns.  They may have a long term horizon.

Angel Investors

Affluent individuals who invest capital in entrepreneurs in exchange for equity ownership or convertible debt. Invest in the business concept rather than financial performance so may invest at a very early stage.

VCT & EIS Funds

Government-backed initiatives designed to help by offering tax relief to investors.

Equity investments can either be made by funds of individuals for a minimum of 3 years.

Debt Providers

Raising money for working capital or capex on a temporary basis at an agreement rate of interest. Specialist venture debt providers may take on the risk of lending to early-stage companies in exchange for less dilution than equity investors.