A Fairer Foundation

A Fairer Foundation

We are passionate about nurturing ambition, promoting entrepreneurship and maximising potential in young people irrespective of background. That's why we have created 'A Fairer Foundation', focused on empowering young people and helping them develop essential skills for their future. We believe that by putting entrepreneurship onto the school curriculum it will help the next generation develop confidence and resilience to engage in future workplaces or indeed grow their own business. We recognise that encouraging entrepreneurship is fundamental to the future growth of the UK's economy.

Some of the partners we work with today are:

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Focused on the 14-18-year-old student age range, YourGamePlan aims to give students the confidence and support they need for when they leave school. YourGamePlan has developed a digital learning platform of free educational courses introducing industries and careers. With a current focus on entrepreneurship and an ambition to improve financial education, soft employability skills and mental wellbeing, businesses work with YourGamePlan to create specially designed, CPD-accredited, entrepreneurship courses.


We are delighted to share our social partnership, working with icanyoucantoo to support our efforts in promoting entrepreneurship, education and equal opportunity/inclusion. icanyoucantoo was founded by Nilesh B. Dosa, a chartered accountant working in corporate sustainability, whose vision was to turn inequality into opportunity for non-privileged young people and built the foundation on the following principles:

  • Young people should not be held back by their social status;
  • The ‘value’ of young people’s skills and grades should not be defined by their background;
  • Our society will benefit if there is increased diversity of individuals from all backgrounds in education; the workplace; judiciaries and government
Your game plan

YourGamePlan - Side Hustle Initiative

finnCap has joined forces with YourGamePlan and ACCA to launch the Side Hustle Initiative - a nationwide search to find the UK's brightest young entrepreneurial talent. Launching on 15th June, the Side Hustle Initiative is open to all 14 - 18 year olds who have a side hustle or amazing business idea, with a £10,000 prize fund for the winners to help grow their business. Find out more below.

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stepping into business

Stepping Into Business

finnCap sponsors this not-for-profit social enterprise which is building the foundations for enterprise. This starts at primary school, where igniting the spark of entrepreneurship in the was that this programme does, encourages children to create new ideas, solve problems and use teamwork and communication.

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