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Ambition Nation
Ambition Nation

To inform, to inspire and to fuel growth

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Ambition is the driving force of the UK economy. It’s the key to our success and that of our clients, and it’s the reason that the British SME landscape – the lifeblood of UK PLC – continues to grow unabated in the face of a storm of economic challenges.

Why? Because the most ambitious leaders inspire that same aspiration in others. It’s an ebullient power and one that we here at finnCap now channel as Ambition Nation.

What is Ambition Nation?

Ambition Nation is the latest initiative on our mission to help ambitious companies grow, picking up where its predecessor, AIM High, left off.

AIM High was our campaign to encourage companies to consider the public markets to raise capital, particularly those unfamiliar with AIM. After two years of AIM High, we realised there were still swathes of superlative businesses that we weren’t getting to talk to, great investment stories yet to be told. Our remit swelled.

Ambition Nation was born.

We’re talking to as many high growth, scale-up companies as possible, creating a dynamic community of driven business leaders. We want to help them grow faster, provide them better access to the right kind of investment, open their eyes to a wealth of investment options they might not even realise were available, bolstered by the support of our exceptional investment expertise and market reach.

We want to create those investment stories that inspire ambition in others.

What’s your investment story?

  • Ambition Nation is built on recognising determination and embracing the challenges – telling the stories of overcoming adversity and reaching our goals.
  • Growth is fuelled by championing business leaders and inspiring their peers to keep growing, to keep asking ‘Where’s my next milestone, and how do I get there?’
  • People are most inspired to grow and discuss funding options when they hear other stories of success.

Our Ambition Nation report finds that getting the right investment is a key challenge for businesses looking to scale-up today. finnCap knows that the right investment comes from finding the right investor, those that are passionately engaged with your story, and we will find them.

Your ambition to succeed is the energy that propels a nation.

Contact finnCap today to register your interest to be a part of this dynamic Ambition Nation community, and see how we can help create your investment story.

What's next?

A brief look ahead to what's on the horizon for Ambition Nation events.

  • November 2017 - Ambition Nation | Manchester Summit - Convening some of the North West’s most exciting businesses and investors. Contact finnCap to register your place today
  • December 2017 - Ambition Nation Report no.2 - Featuring our latest insights about the state of play.
  • January 2018 - Female Entrepreneur Forum | Pitch Perfect - Join us for our Pitch Perfect sessions as part of the Female Entrepreneur Forum.
  • February 2018 - CEO dinner, Cambridge
  • February 2018 - Breakfast briefing, London
  • March 2018 - Ambition Nation Report no.3
  • March 2018 - Female Entrepreneur Forum Summit | Think Big, Be Bigger - Featuring some of the UK’s most dynamic female-led businesses and investors looking towards their next stage of growth.
  • April 2018 - finnCap 10th Anniversary - finnCap celebrates its 10th anniversary with a lunch with our clients at Claridges.
  • May 2018 - Ambition Nation Summit - Ambition Nation convenes and looks forward to the next phase.