Ambition Nation

Ambition Nation

What is Ambition Nation?

Our passion is to help ambitious, innovative, British companies grow and realise their potential. In November 2017, we launched Ambition Nation to help fuel scale-up and growth in as many UK PLCs as possible.

This nationwide campaign came about after speaking to many different companies, to find out more about their funding challenges. We found that the best way to fuel growth was to showcase stories of success, open up a dialogue between those leaders that had done it before and those needing advice, all the while building a better working knowledge of the funding landscape and language.

Why are we taking this approach?

Confidence and inspiration. There is neither a magic formula to growing a business, nor a perfect funding option. But by sharing stories of ambition, as driven business leaders explicate on how they overcame their challenges, we provide a new generation of founders the information that makes their growth decisions easier.

Nearly a third of companies still do not use outside funding. We regularly survey our growth company CEOs; time and again, this knowledge gap about how to find the right capital is their biggest obstacle to growth.

Through Ambition Nation, finnCap is plugging that gap. We’re encouraging companies to scale, to find that funding that creates real growth, and in doing so make a meaningful difference to the future of British business.

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