What is Ambition Nation?

Our passion is to help ambitious, innovative, British companies grow and realise their potential. In November 2017, we launched Ambition Nation to help fuel scale-up and growth in as many UK PLCs as possible.

This nationwide campaign came about after speaking to many different companies, to find out more about their funding challenges. We found that the best way to fuel growth was to showcase stories of success, open up a dialogue between those leaders that had done it before and those needing advice, all the while building a better working knowledge of the funding landscape and language.

Ambition Nation Summit 2019

Ambition Nation summit 2019 - Jamie Waller

How to Sell a Business with Jamie Waller

Future Decisions - When is the right time to sell one's business? In this panel from the finnCap Ambition Nation Summit 2019, serial entrepreneur and author of Unsexy Business, Jamie Waller, sits with Andrew Jeffs, partner from finnCap Cavendish who advised on the sale, and Ian Dembinski, Rathbones Investment Management, about what's involved in those big future decisions for your company.

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Ambition Nation summit 2019

Growth and global decisions

Growth Decisions - In this In this panel from the finnCap Ambition Nation Summit 2019, host Oli Barrett MBE is in conversation with Rosaleen Blair CBE, Founder & CEO, Alexander Mann Solutions, Simon Rogerson, CEO & Co-founder, Octopus Group, and Matthew Stallabrass, Head of Listed Businesses, Crowe UK, about the key decisions business leaders make on growth and going global.

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Ambition Nation Magazine 2019

Ambition Nation Summit & Female Leaders Series Magazine 2019

Download the Ambition Nation Magazine 2019, covering the Summit & Female Leaders Series events of the year, and has a wealth of interesting and inspiring articles to help fuel scale-up and growth in this country's most ambitious companies.

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Sam Smith Addresses Ambition Nation 2018

Sam Smith's opening address

Sam Smith, CEO, delivers her opening address at the Ambition Nation Summit 2018. Watch the video in full on our YouTube channel where you will also find playlists of our speakers from past Ambition Nation events.

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Launch of Ambition Nation

Launch of Ambition Nation at LSE

We launched Ambition Nation in November 2017 at the London Stock Exchange. Watch our launch video here to discover more.

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Ambition Nation YouTube playlist

Ambition Nation YouTube playlist

The full playlist of videos featuring panels, interviews and talks from all of our past Ambition Nation events.

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Ambition Nation Listed 50

Ambition Nation Listed 50

Identifying and celebrating the achievements of some of the UK's best businesses . Here at finnCap, we see our listed SMEs as the lifeblood of our economy. We wanted to celebrate that, in a way that was totally objective. The Ambition Nation Listed 50 acknowledges the best of the best in small and medium sized companies. It is driven by key metric fundamentals - growth and quality as ranked by finnCap's equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule.

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Ambition Nation Female Leaders

Ambition Nation: Female Leaders Series

The level of investment in female-led companies remains dismally low. With the Ambition Nation: Female Leaders Series, we aim to change things, by offering the chance for ambitious female leaders to learn from the experiences of their peers, create better networks for each other, demystify the financial jargon and find out what really makes a compelling business case to invest in.

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