2021/2022 Cohort


We are delighted to present the 2021/2022 cohort of the Ambition Nation Listed 50. Our small- to mid-cap PLCs are at the heart of corporate Britain's growth. Here at finnCap, we see our listed companies as the lifeblood of our economy. We wanted to celebrate that, in a way that was totally objective.

The Ambition Nation Listed 50 acknowledges the best of the best in small and medium sized companies. It is driven by key metric fundamentals, identifying the 50 companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality as ranked by finnCap’s equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule.  As well as identifying the UK's best companies, Ambition Nation Listed 50 also celebrates the achievements and innovation of these business leaders.


Company name
Accrol Group Holdings Industrials & Services
Advanced Medical Sol  Life Sciences
Alpha Financial Markets Financials
Bango Technology
Beeks Financial Cloud  Technology
Begbies Traynor Financials
Belvoir Industrials & Services
Brickability Industrials & Services
Brooks MacDonald Financials
Cake Box Holdings Consumer
Cerillion Technology
Character Group Consumer
City of London Investment Financials
Craneware Plc Technology
dotDigital Technology
Ergomed Life Sciences
Focusrite Consumer
Forterra Plc Industrials & Services
Frenkel Topping Financials
Ideagen Technology
Instem Life Sciences
Intercede Technology
Joules Consumer
K3 Capital  Financials
Keystone Law  Industrials & Services
Marlowe Technology
Mattioli Woods Financials
Medica  Life Sciences
Midwich  Industrials & Services
Morses Club Financials
Mortgage Advice Bureau Financials
Mpac  Industrials & Services
Netcall Technology
Nichols Consumer
Oxford Metrics Technology
Polar Capital Financials
Record Financials
Renew Industrials & Services
River & Mercantile  Financials
Robert Walters Industrials & Services
Sanderson Design  Consumer
SigmaRoc Industrials & Services
SThree Industrials & Services
Strix Industrials & Services
Sureserve Industrials & Services
Tatton Asset Management Financials
Tracsis Technology
Up Global Sourcing Holdings Consumer
Volex Industrials & Services
XLMedia Industrials & Services