Sustainable Advantage

Sustainable Advantage

At the heart of finnCap Group, our purpose is to help companies on their growth journeys. With that in mind, we understand that every business does not exist simply to benefit its shareholders, but also drives innovation, social and environmental impact and economic prosperity. We believe doing the right thing is good business and can create real sustainable advantage – delivering competitive financial returns, while also delivering positive environmental and societal outcomes.

Helping companies report on ESG

Commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns has shifted from being simply a way to signal a company’s caring credentials, to being a fundamental part of sustainable business success. These credentials are vitally important to shareholders, to investors, to customers, clients and colleagues alike.

To help companies begin to identify and report ESG credentials, finnCap has developed an ESG scorecard, helping them navigate complex reporting requirements and build a better picture of their ESG performance. By being transparent, SMEs can present a comprehensive and compelling sustainability and value story – they can clearly demonstrate sustainable advantage.

Investors are a key driver of change

Investors, both institutional and retail, are playing a prominent role in putting ESG at the top of corporate agendas. Across the developed world an intergenerational wealth transfer is happening on an unprecedented scale. In the UK, for example, £5.5tn is estimated to be passed down over the next 30 years. The main beneficiaries – Millennials and Generation Z – are making ESG central to their investment approach, and they want to invest in companies that reflect their values and that positively impact the planet and society.

finnCap ESG Reporting

Find out more about how we help companies with their ESG measuring and monitoring.

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ESG Focus | Download our report

A finger on the ESG pulse

ESG Focus | Q4 2021

ESG at finnCap

Our ESG committee is responsible for coordinating and leading the groups' internal and external ESG activities, reporting and governance. It comprises of a wide range of people drawn from across the group with a shared purpose to make our business an better participant in the world.

Alongside the finnCap ESG Scorecard we have also identified and  aligned to UN Social Development Goals (SDGs): SDG 4 – quality educationSDG 5 – gender equalitySDG 8 – decent work and economic growth; and SDG 7 – reduce inequalities, as the UN SDGs where we can most contribute. We measure our progress against defined metrics though the World Wide Generation G17Eco company tracker software platform.


Based near Cambridge, UK, and founded in 2008 by Simon and Tamsin Alsbury, Energise focused initially on developing energy saving options for corporate and public sector clients. It has since grown into a full-service net zero and energy efficiency practice assisting over 180 clients in meeting their climate change challenge with a core focus on regulatory compliance, best practice, measurement and emission reduction programmes to drive effective climate-focused business transformation.

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Our impact programmes

  • finnCap A Fairer Foundation


    We created ‘A Fairer Foundation’ because we believe in better education and how this translates to driving opportunity and inclusion in British business.

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  • The Side Hustle Initiative


    We’ve partnered with YourGamePlan on The Side Hustle Initiative, a search for 14-18-year-olds delivering a side hustle or who have an amazing business idea.

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  • Purposeful Culture

    Purposeful Culture

    Our culture makes us different, doing all we can to look after our team and our clients, and building a more inclusive community of entrepreneurs to influence change.

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Our Policies

Download the finnCap ESG Scorecard & Guidebook

Based around key datapoints that are quantitative, unambiguous, uncontroversial, easily obtained and meaningful, our simple ESG Scorecard and corresponding guidebook helps ambitious businesses monitor and report on their ESG goals.