In conversation: Ian Dembinski, Rathbone Investment Management

Sep 18, 2019 / Ambition Nation Media

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Rathbone Investment Management, sponsor of the upcoming Ambition Nation Summit on 2nd October (Attendance is free - Register your place here), says that the world of personal wealth managment is on the cusp of change. At 270 years old, the esteemed instituion is one that has seen it all, effortlessly blending the traditions of buidling client trust with the onset of modern revolutionary technology. 

Ahead of the Summit - entitled 'Decisions, Decisions' - we sat down with Ian Dembinski, Head of Client Development, to ask him about how entrepreneurs and CEOs make those key decisions to manage their personal wealth, simplify some of the jargon that clouds the world of investment management and which Rathbone Investment Management tries to debunk, talk about ethical investing and look ahead to what the future holds.