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Are you an established private company ready for growth?

finnCap is uniquely placed to support your ambition through our comprehensive offering for private companies.

If you’re an established private company looking to access significant growth capital - in excess of £2 million - please contact

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Discover more about our range of services and expertise in raising growth capital for private companies below. 

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If you are:

  • An established* private company
  • Seeking to raise significant** funds


Please contact providing:

  • Your investor presentation
  • Your most recent full accounts, including profit and loss
  • The amount you wish to raise


If you are:

  • An adviser to one or more established private companies seeking to raise funds

Please contact We are keen to work with other advisers as our partners.


* We broadly define an ‘established’ company as a company with at least £1 million of historic annual revenue.

** We broadly define ‘significant funds’ as in excess of £2 million.

However, we review all cases. Please contact to find out more.