Fund Raising

Sourcing the right growth capital for private companies

Fund Raising

Private company fund raising

Fund raising is at the core of the finnCap private company offering.

How we can help

Our process is designed to minimise the impact on your company whilst ensuring the best possible outcome. We do this by matching your funding requirements with our comprehensive pool of capital options.

Generally speaking, we offer support for companies seeking in excess of £2m of growth capital, but we’d love to discuss your options. Contact the team on


The types of investors we raise funds from:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Tax driven funds
  • Quoted company institutional investors
  • Family offices
  • Individuals


We raise all forms of finance, including:

  • Growth capital
  • Acquisition finance
  • Replacement capital in equity
  • Debt



What do you mean by ‘established’?

Established generally means that a company has delivered in excess of £1m revenue in a financial year, or demonstrable traction in the marketplace.

Are you focused on any particular sectors?

No, we support businesses in all sectors, provided they are established.

Are there any other criteria?

All investors want a strong, effective, experienced management team, a substantial addressable market, a proven business model with strong margins with barriers to entry and compelling financials – historic and forecast.

What should I provide?

If you feel you meet these criteria, please provide us with your investor presentation, your most recent full accounts, including profit and loss, and the amount you wish to raise.