finnCap Tech Demo Day

finnCap Tech Demo Day

We recognise that investors rarely have the opportunity to personally experience the software offering of investee companies, often interacting solely with C-level management.

finnCap Tech Demo Days are designed to give our investors the opportunity to experience the functionality and value of the software and solutions that our corporate clients deliver.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period of 2020 we took our Demo Days online, hosting the finnCap Tech Lockdown Demos. Below are the recorded video demonstrations from our clients Access Intelligence, Intercede, IQGeo, and Proactis held as live webinar sessions.

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence introduces its most recent acquisition, Pulsar, the data-driven social media insights platform that helps organisations to understand public discussions in real time. The demo highlights the superior sophistication of the platform, including the ability to segment the audience behind online conversations and the industry and brand-specific AI models it leveraged to provide granularity in the analysis.



Intercede demonstrates how and why its MyID crypto-based two-factor authentication solution is far superior to dated password and SMS protection. Intercede reveals how MyID software platform’s capabilities have expanded to meet the needs of a digital identity revolution, including the current market trends in mobile and authentication standards, and how it keeps some of the world’s most guarded organisations secure.


IQGeo demonstrates the capabilities of its geospatial location platform. Addressing the core existential problems faced by telcos and network operators, IQGeo guides us through how its software optimises productivity and efficiency in infrastructure mapping and construction planning, whilst driving underlying customer loyalty and ROI for its global customer base.


Proactis introduces bePayd, its accelerated payment facility, that enables suppliers to take an early payment from buyers in return for a small discount. Demonstrating the functionality of the bePayd platform, Proactis highlights the benefits to both suppliers, through driving much needed cash into the supply chain, and buyers, through financial benefits and productivity gains.

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