Frequently Asked Questions

Trading Status

Legal entity: finnCap Ltd (“finnCap”)

LEI: 213800DSWHX26RRA1N75

FCA FRN: 467766

LSE Member Mnemonic: JMFINNCGB21


Is finnCap considered to be an EEA broker?


Supported asset classes


Trading capacities (DEAL, AOTC or MTCH)

We will be executing all transactions under AOTC.

Routing of orders to non-EEA (non-MiFIDII) entities

All our orders will be routed to MiFIDII entities.

SI Status

finnCap will not be an SI in any asset classes.

OTF Status

finnCap will not be operating, or operating as, an OTF, MTF, WTF or any other kind of TF.

Assisted Trade Reporting

All transactions will be on-venue and therefore no Trade Reporting obligation will arise for the client.

Terms of Business & Order Execution Policies

Terms of Business can be found here.

Order Execution Policy can be found here.

Research costs

Please ask your finnCap contact for our research pricing rate card.

Courtesy of the Commission Delegated Directive of 07/04/2016, Article 12.3(b) (reproduced in the FCA Rules at COBS 2.3A.19R(5)(b)), finnCap’s research on its corporate clients is classified as “an acceptable minor non-monetary benefit” and is therefore excluded from the prohibition on accepting inducements (COBS 2.3A.16R(2)(b)).

Best Execution disclosures

The required disclosures will be made available on our website.

MiFIDII Contact

Please direct all enquiries to