Ambition Nation: Female Leaders May 2021 - Should ESG be as important as 123 for your business?

May 12, 2021 / Media

Should ESG be as important as 123 to your business?

Even before COVID-19 changed the business and social landscape forever, the ESG movement was gaining traction. Whilst not yet a legal requirement, ESG is a necessity for businesses that want to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing industrial backdrop.

With a market volume of more than $30trn globally, ESG investments have dropped their niche status.

ESG reporting is no longer a last-minute addendum to financial reporting. In successful and forward-thinking companies, the two must go hand in hand.

Our panel discusses:

- Why getting your ESG proposition right leads to higher value creation
- Why is ESG reporting is important to investors
- What are the risks of ignoring the impact of ESG measurement
- ESG Reporting made simple

Oli Barrett MBE

Sam Smith, CEO, finnCap Group
Beth Houghton, Partner, Palatine Private Equity LLP
Manjula Lee, Founder & CEO, World Wide Generation
Polly McMaster, Founder, The Fold London
Helene Roberts, CEO, ROBINSON PLC