finnCap Group partners with YourGamePlan to empower the entrepreneurial talent of tomorrow

May 13, 2021 / News

finnCap helps to create a fairer foundation for young entrepreneurs and give them a chance to make their mark

finnCap Group, a leading provider of strategic advisory and capital raising services to growth companies, is excited to announce a partnership with YourGamePlan to help embed enterprise in schools across the country and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

finnCap is joining forces with the free-of-charge digital learning platform to support young people as they transition from education into employment, equipping them with vital entrepreneurial skills. More than 700 schools across the UK have signed up to YourGamePlan’s digital training platform.

Through the partnership, from this month schools and students can access a free, online training course titled Introduction to Entrepreneurship.  The course is designed specifically to fill the knowledge gap around entrepreneurship and help inspire young people - regardless of their social, cultural, or ethnic background – to consider setting up their own business.

The content has been developed by finnCap and YourGamePlan, with the course certified by the CPD. Key themes include building a business for the future (e.g. sustainable innovation) and how to raise finance.

In addition, finnCap has joined forces with YourGamePlan and ACCA to launch the Side Hustle initiative – a nationwide search to find the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurial talent.  Launching on 15th June, the Side Hustle initiative is open to all 14-18-year olds who already have a side hustle or an amazing business idea, with a £10,000 prize fund for the winners to help grow their business.  All finalists will also receive professional mentoring. 

Sam Smith, CEO, finnCap Group said: “Too often, it’s not ambition which young people lack but opportunity – especially when it comes to learning the basics of starting and running a business. We’re very proud to partner with YourGamePlan to demystify entrepreneurship, make it accessible to all and create a fairer foundation for a younger generation of entrepreneurs.

“The lack of diversity and social inclusion in British business is a pressing issue. This is a step towards breaking down the barriers and closing the opportunity gap.  It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s fundamental to the growth of Britain’s economy. I can’t wait to see the Side Hustle competition entries and get inspired by the nation’s future founders.”

The launch of the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course and Side Hustle initiative comes as young people face the prospect of navigating a new employment landscape in the post COVID-world. Strong careers support and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is arguably more important than ever to ensure that young people can develop the skills they need to succeed in business.

Danny Heath, founder and CEO of YourGamePlan, said: “YourGamePlan has been built to ensure that every young person has access to the skills they need. We believe strongly that a level playing field is needed in education to ensure we have a better chance of having equality in careers. In the entrepreneurial landscape this is even more important. There is so much talent and creative perspective in young people from backgrounds who currently have little to no access to mentors, networks and especially funding. We are super excited to be working with finnCap to ensure that entrepreneurship becomes a more inclusive landscape.”

Recent research from The Entrepreneurs Network found that 51% of Britain’s young people (aged 14-25) have thought about starting a business and a further third are open to the idea.[1]

finnCap’s new partnership with YourGamePlan further demonstrates its commitment to harnessing enterprise and ambition, alongside partnerships with Stepping into Business, Modern Muse, and New Entrepreneurs Foundation.

Find out more abut these partenrships and A Fairer Foundation


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