Hydrogen - This time it's for real | Energy Insights

Feb 09, 2021 / Insights

finnCap Energy report into the future of hydrogen fuel
  • Hydrogen - This time it's for real: An in-depth report
  • New Energy Insights research into future of hydrogen energy
  • Introducing a new tool enabling Energy businesses to report on sustainability impact


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Replacing fossil fuels throughout the global energy chain is no small task. Renewables and lithium-ion batteries can only get us so far towards net zero by 2050. Hydrogen is increasingly viewed as the missing link in the energy transition, offering a complementary decarbonisation pathway for the global energy system, especially in hard-to-abate sectors. It can be used for long-cycle energy storage and when combined with fuel cells provides reliable, stable energy at grid scale. It has many other possible applications across industry, transport, power, building and residential sectors. Critically, it does not emit CO2 and has almost no air pollution.

This in-depth Energy Insights report from finnCap Group's Energy Research Analysts makes the case that, after many false dawns, hydrogen finally looks set for wide-scale adoption throughout the global energy chain.

We recognise that Energy companies today, mindful of ESG commitments, face a real challenge in reporting on their sustainability impact to investors. As such, within this report is included information on finnCap's partnership with WorldWide Generation (WWG), combining powers of our ESG Scorecard and WWG's Company Tracker app, to offer our clients a one-stop-shop reporting tool for sustainability.