In conversation: Bob Woods MBE, Co-founder, Mattioli Woods talks to Ambition Nation

Sep 28, 2018 / Media

finnCap podcast featuring Mattioli Woods co-founder and panellist at the Ambition Nation Summit Bob Woods MBE on the importance of culture to recruitment and growth.

Bob Woods MBE, Co-founder, Mattioli Woods speaks to Ambition Nation about company culture. Listen to the full podcast below.

In this podcast, Co-founder of the AIM-listed, retirement-centric wealth management firm, Mattioli Woods, talks to finnCap Ambition Nation about the critical role that company culture has played in the firm's growth. He also talks about the expectations put upon founders and CEOs regarding pensions provisions, and how the recruitment landscape with regard to employee benefits has shifted in the last decade.

Bob will be speaking on a panel to discuss company culture at the upcoming Ambition Nation Summit, Wednesday October 3rd 2018. Places are still available - to register your spot please follow the link below: 

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