In Private: A finnCap podcast on digitisation and private company growth

May 03, 2018 / Media

The finnCap podcast hears discussion and opinion on the latest trends affecting access to growth funding and scale-up businesses.

In this finnCap podcast, hosting news, views and in-depth discussions about the latest trends affecting business growth and scale-up in the UK, we hear from Grant Bergman, Corporate Finance Director and Head of finnCap Private, and Guy Hewett, Research Director for the Support Services sector. Grant and Guy discuss how digitisation has affected valuations amongst the UK's small, privately funded tech firms, and how this is influencing larger companies looking to partner them while others, particularly in the Support Services sector, struggle to keep pace.

Speaking at the recent Change Makers 2018 meeting at Bloomberg in London, finnCap CEO Sam Smith pointed out that there’s been a recent shift change towards supporting and investing in our most innovative and responsible scale-up companies. The world of private company fundraising saw record growth last year for the UK’s ambitious businesses. Our new research shows that that trend continues and a principle part of that agility driving major SME growth lies in digitisation.

In this podcast, looking at private company fundraising for tech companies involved in enabling digital transformations, we discuss:

  • To what extent digitisation is driving the rise of smaller tech companies
  • Why this trend is causing some founders to decide to stay private for longer
  • How the Support Services sector has dealt with the effects of digitisation of late
  • Our recent fund-raise for private tech developer Flywheel IT Services, a company growing well in the digital transformation arena through its dedicated buy-and-build strategy

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