Putting ESG on the IPO agenda | ESG Insights

Mar 18, 2021 / Insights

Download our new report - Putting ESG on the IPO agenda | ESG Insights 


Highlights of this report:

− Key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, standards and frameworks reviewed

− Who is measuring ESG and what metrics they look at

− Growth in ESG-driven investing: who is doing it and how it has performed

− A simple 15-factor ESG scorecard for companies and investors to start making their own assessments

− Fund manager survey highlighting the momentum behind ESG adoption

It’s no secret how last year accelerated greener trends including more ESG-driven investment, but the implications for businesses large and small are perhaps not as well defined or as widely understood.

We know there is a disconnect between simply espousing green policies, and how business leaders should present that case to investors, in order to get the growth funding they need. Indeed, for those businesses considering an IPO it is fast becoming an essential part of investment criteria.

It can be another obstacle in the great funding landscape for growth companies and I for one want to ensure our brightest and best, purpose and sustainability-driven companies are given their rightful spot in the sun. It is within these SMEs that the UK will find the next generation of super companies, companies with society, culture and environment at their heart.