REPORT: E-Commerce - Sustaining the 2020 boom

Jun 25, 2021 / Insights

Accompanying our recent event Inside The Deal | E-Commerce - Sustaining the 2020 boom is our latest report, which hears from our speakers and looks deeper and how we can maintain momentum of the rapid growth world of e-commerce. Please also find a video recording of the event in full below.

Rewatch: Inside The Deal | E-Commerce - Sustaining the 2020 boom

Watch our event in full below

Partnered with Business Leader Magazine, we discussed the challenges in the E-Commerce sector including:

– How to sustain the e-commerce 2020 boom
– What opportunities does M&A offer
– The public markets – how they view and value e-commerce
– What funding options can accelerate growth
– What effect has growth had on ESG (environment and societal factors)
– How will developments in Technology (AI, VR etc.,) impact future growth

Our host

Oli Barrett MBE


– Anna Cusden – Look Fabulous Forever
– Ben Wigley – Co-Founder, Big Green Smile
– Cheryl Calverley – CEO, Eve Sleep
– Henry Wells – Head of Consumer, finnCap Group
– Kevin Dorren – CEO, Parsley Box
– Matt Goode – Head of Consumer, finnCap Capital Markets
– Mike Hancox – CEO of Yodel
– Rob Halliday-Stein – Founder, BullionByPost


The webinar can be viewed below