Sam Smith: A public listing gave us this invaluable asset

Dec 06, 2018 / Blog

Sam Smith speaks to journalists at the LSE for the IPO of finnCap Group plc

Sam Smith, CEO, finnCap Group plc:

When the final piece of our puzzle – that critical clearance from the FCA for our acquisition, that meant our Admission to trading on AIM could take place – came in last Friday, I must say the moment was more than a bit emotional. A long, intense rollercoaster ride has now ended with a public listing against extremely challenging market conditions.

Trying to complete an acquisition and an IPO at the same time is not something we would generally advise our clients to do because of so many complex moving parts, but this was an opportunity to grow our business and diversify its service offering with an amazing company. It was one not to be missed, so we took on the challenge.

Watch the full video of the float from the London Stock Exchange here

Our combined capabilities mean we now boast a 130-strong team of experienced professionals, coupling finnCap’s considerable strengths in corporate finance, equity capital markets, market making, M&A code advisory, private company fundraising, and our extensive and dedicated research facility, with 30 years’ experience on the Cavendish side in sell-side M&A, debt advisory, debt raising and exit planning, and gives us the ability to enter the buy-side advisory space.

It’s a full range of options for business leaders and private equity houses and now gives us the opportunity to provide all fundraising solutions and exit options to all growth companies, whether public or private.

A fresh perspective

What this transaction did was also to provide us with a whole new perspective on what it is like for a client to go through this process. It has given us an invaluable asset – empathy.

We pride ourselves on providing no-nonsense, valuable and trusted advice to help grow our clients’ businesses. We are placed to offer that advice, support and promotion of our clients’ investment stories because we have always been a firm of entrepreneurial individuals. Our experienced staff members have experience in all sorts of specialist areas of fundraising, M&A – both sell-side and buy-side, and managing IPOs.

We can now draw on first-hand experience of the current, very difficult market conditions. We know what it’s actually like for firms looking to IPO or begin acquisition proceedings and to buy and sell a business at the same time. We can empathise fully with our clients in ways that few others can offer, delivering truly impartial advice.

Coupled with an incredible breadth of services we can now offer as finnCap Group plc, it is that empathy that differentiates us absolutely.

We care about our clients and embark on their growth journey alongside them. Our latest endeavour into the public markets injects a fresh new energy into how we deliver that care, helping ambitious companies to grow.

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