Buy-Side Advisory

Buy-Side Advisory

Coupled skills of principal and adviser

Our track record of representing companies on the sell-side of acquisitions gives us a unique insight into providing tactical buy-side advice, in order to identify the right targets to help accelerate growth of both publicly listed and private firms alike. Our advice is underpinned by an experienced team led by individuals who have acted as both principal and advisor in public and private businesses.

Our services

  • Work directly with the Board or CEO/MD to identify suitable target businesses to acquire
  • Engage with shortlisted target businesses and structure a transaction
  • Manage necessary fundraising and/or debt that is appropriate for a client’s growth strategy
  • Co-ordinate transaction with due diligence, accounting and legal advisors

Why choose finnCap & Cavendish?

  • Longstanding background of growing companies in the private and public spaces through M&A
  • 30-year track record on the sell-side gives us a rare insight
  • Breadth of research and market intelligence

Our longstanding track record gives us a unique insight into what are the key needs and considerations from the sell-side. This is complemented by our agility and ability with building businesses in both public and private spaces and raising the appropriate form of finance to accelerate growth.

Our research team supported by external market intelligence means we are up to date with what’s going on your sector and help facilitate a market map that identifies which businesses will be most appropriate to target and to calibrate from a valuation perspective.