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Research sits right at the heart of finnCap operations. The defining feature of the team is every analyst is an enthusiast for their sector. This leads to deeper knowledge, better perspectives and more insight. This directly benefits our corporate clients and investors alike as it enables us to fully understand your business and operating environment, and effectively communicate the investment case to the wider investment community.

In many cases, our team has direct experience of working in their sector and / or have industry qualifications. Our team includes engineers, chemists, geologists, doctors, technologists, economists and accountants, all of whom have many years of capital markets experience.

finnCap operates an ‘access-for-all’ approach for corporate research into the life sciences sector, approved by the FCA and paid for by finnCap’s corporate clients. Register below.

Our services

  • Access to all finnCap corporate finance research. Register for and access our research here. 
  • ‘Morning Note’ covering breaking news across all our coverage
  • ‘Initiation’ notes when we start coverage of a company, providing a detailed guide to the business, the industry and the investment case
  • Quarterly sector notes, which discuss industry dynamics and well as providing a wide range of industry data and analytics
  • Thematic Research pieces highlighting specific industry or stock specific ideas.

Why choose finnCap?

  • finnCap operates an ‘access-for-all’ approach for corporate research, approved by the FCA and paid for by finnCap’s corporate clients. Register for and access our research here. 
  • Team of 15 expert analysts with years of experience working in their sector
  • 150 securities under coverage
  • Expertise across 9 key sectors
  • Coverage spanning £10m market cap exciting tech growth stories to £500m market cap support service businesses
  • Actively look for new opportunities, expanding our coverage by 2 or 3 companies per month on average

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Raymond Greaves

Head of Research

T: 020 7220 0553

finnCap research is also available to private investors who meet the criteria to be considered Elective Professional Clients, as defined by the FCA, via Research Tree.