Effecting a step change to facilitate growth

An increasingly time poor but more affluent and socially-engaged consumer is driving rapid change across the Consumer (Retail, Leisure and Travel) sector.  Models are becoming polarised between value and premium offerings, asset-backed operators and online facilitators, and pure retail and experience-led consumption. Adding a fluid macro, regulatory and legislative backdrop, as well as capacity issues, to the mix creates both challenges and opportunities for incumbents and new entrants alike.

While Private Equity is a strong competitor for simple, cash generative business models that can be leveraged against, Equity Markets remain receptive to new issues in the Consumer sector and can be advantageous in terms of valuation and longevity of capital. Choosing the right business model is of fundamental importance.

We work with small and mid-cap growth companies and, by building a strong relationship based on mutual trust and understanding of their needs, help them achieve their aspirations.

  • Experienced team keen to help innovative concepts grow
  • Proactive approach to keeping our clients' stories current
  • Throrough company and thematic research helps translate macro trends into relevant strategic advice