Life Sciences

Bringing new ideas to fruition

finnCap has been the leading broker to the Life Sciences sector* for more than five years, and our sector team is proud of that record. We have a breadth of experience in providing strategic advice to a range of companies - from groundbreaking growth businesses to established profitable enterprises. We know that there is considerable innovation and opportunity in the life sciences sector - ambitious companies that want to grow through raising capital in different markets and we want to help them achieve their potential.

We specialise in pharmaceutical and medical technologies including therapeutic pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices & supplies and diagnostics, these distinct categories are drawn together by the incontrovertible truth that people are living longer, and need to lead healthier lives, with a better quality of life.

We recognise that growth companies can be more nimble when it comes to developing innovative technologies and products to sustain their expansion, and those services and capabilities can be provided to larger, more established players. Our team of analysts, financial strategists and sales specialists draw on their collective experience to support companies throughout their growth, helping to shape the way for a healthier future.

  • Seeking out pioneers and helping to bring them and their research to market
  • Providing access to alternative markets
  • In-depth research that helps the transition from esoteric medical concept to investible company