A Fairer Foundation

A Fairer Foundation

At finnCap, we believe in better education and how this translates to driving opportunity and inclusion in British business. 

We are passionate about nurturing ambition, promoting entrepreneurship and maximising potential in young people irrespective of background. That's why we have created 'A Fairer Foundation', focused on empowering young people, helping them develop essential life skills for their future, to focus on demystifying the paths of entrepreneurship and making it accessible to all.

We believe that by putting entrepreneurship on the school curriculum it will help the next generation develop confidence and resilience to engage in future workplaces or indeed grow their own business. We recognise that encouraging entrepreneurship is fundamental to the future growth of the UK's economy.

By inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs we believe that we can create a roadmap for better future growth.

Our partners include:

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APPG for Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Education

Sam Smith kicks off the discussion of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) for Entrepreneurship’s Call for Evidence. Hosted by The Entrepreneurs Network, this roundtable discussed the topic of Entrepreneurship Education.

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The Side Hustle Initiative 2022

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a side business or an idea for the next big thing? The Side Hustle Initiative, founded by YourGamePlan and partnered with finnCap Group and ACCA, is a nationwide competition that gives young people the platform to turn their big ideas into a reality.

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