About Us

A Different Approach

  • Committed to deliver

    Committed to deliver

    We support extraordinary businesses through every stage of growth to meet their full potential. We are absolutely committed to deliver your ambition.

  • No hidden agendas

    No hidden agendas

    We are solution agnostic, providing the best advice for each unique business requirement.

  • Confidence not arrogance

    Confidence not arrogance

    We are on the same growth journey as you.  We're ambitious entrepreneurs who have built and grown our own business.

Unabated ambitions

finnCap Group was established the firm in 2007, after orchestrating the partial buyout of the corporate finance and broking business of JM Finn & Co Limited, a private client stockbroker.

At that time, finnCap was just a small team focused on raising capital for micro-cap companies.  The collective vision was to do things differently in the small cap broking world, challenging the culture of what financial services could be, doing things the right way and putting clients first.

To become that change in the financial services industry it was important that the team had a stake in its future. By 2010, the directors and employees had purchased the remaining 50.1% of the equity retained by JM Finn.  Today our team still have a significant share in the business and we actively encourage them to do so.

Investing in our growth

In 2018 we acquired Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP, a leading UK independent M&A adviser, enabling the group to provide an enviable end to end service offering which now includes investment banking, equities, debt advisory, public M&A, private growth and alternative capital as well as significant sector expertise.

We floated on AIM in December 2018 and began trading as finnCap Group Plc.

A bright future

Today, our resolve to do things differently – to work from the foundations of a purposeful and supportive culture with colleagues and clients alike – has never felt more important.

We live in transformative times. It’s no secret that the global pandemic of 2020 accelerated digital transformation across the entire economic landscape and moreover revolutionised how we as a society see company culture. How we treat each other and the world around us, whether in a professional or personal sense, drives investment and drives growth of our best and brightest businesses.

Meanwhile, the technology that underpins all aspects of our lives progresses at an astounding rate. One only need look at blockchain technology and the creation of frictionless finance, 3D printing in the production of components, especially at the nano scale, or the implications of large-scale automation on productivity and employment worldwide. For better or, in some cases, worse, these are examples of the monoliths that will impact us all.

In any case, finnCap Group is poised to be at the forefront of culture changes, because we embraced the values that underpin progress as part of our DNA. We are creating better growth for our clients, a better company for our people, and a better way of working collaboratively for all, always seeking to be aware of appreciate the growing, rapidly changing commercial and physical worlds around us. It’s always been our ambition, and it’s an ambition we’ll continue to deliver.


Our Values

  • Collegiate


    We work as a team to ensure our clients get the best possible advice based on a wide set of options.  We are inclusive and value everyone's skills.

  • Smart Thinking

    Smart Thinking

    To compete in our markets requires us to be innovative and proactive in developing ideas and relevant solutions for our clients.

  • Dynamic


    We deliver our client's ambitions with energy, focused solely on their objectives.